To provide a happy, safe, stimulating, supportive, inspiring and FUN environment in which children will thrive and develop as rounded, creative and responsible members of the community in which they live.

To provide an exciting place to work for our staff, which will allow them to develop themselves and the children in their care; and to pay and reward them at rates that makes their employment in inner London sustainable.

To become a visible, active and valued part of the community.

To engage with the whole community: all ages, all incomes, all cultures and all beliefs.

To take nothing from the community that we do not then give back to the community – we are a social enterprise and all profits will be returned to the community through re-investment.

To start small, but to extend both the number of places offered (if suitable physical space can be made available) and the facilities and activities available to the children.

To support local businesses by offering to take the children to extra classes supplied by St Catherine’s (eg ballet, capoeira; Kumon; Spanish; Mandarin; Drama and French) and the local area (eg Bug Club; Grow Wild; Besson Street) and encouraging other businesses to come into the area (eg Tennis 4 Kids and The Children’s Orchestra).

We provide high quality, balanced and healthy food using contacts through The Hill Station.

We encourage our children to get involved in healthy outdoor activities and have an awareness and respect of our local environment.

We respect the needs of others sharing our environment

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