We aim to provide a happy, safe, stimulating, supportive, inspiring and fun environment in which children will thrive and develop as rounded, creative and responsible members of their community.

We provide both term-time and holiday clubs.

We have two club locations – the Craft Room of the Telegraph Hill Centre, and the Play Club in Telegraph Hill Lower Park.

Our Mission

We will embody professionalism, kindness, fairness and creativity and engage and connect with the local community.

We provide high quality, well balanced and healthy food, prepared for us daily by our chef.

We encourage our children to get involved in healthy outdoor activities and have an awareness and respect of our local environment.

We respect the needs of others sharing our environment.


We will offer a full and varied range of activities for the children, enabling them to create, play, learn and relax, indoors and outside.

A Children’s Board will be asked to take an active role in decision making and idea generation, making sure that their voices are heard and their opinions and suggestions are taken seriously.


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