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Hello all!

We have two new team members:

Patrick Walsh - Executive Manager: Cub Scout Volunteer, Ex British Kick Boxing Champion, football coach and one-time Red Coat, will be starting this week as our Executive Manager.  He will be working mainly Thursdays and Fridays, and looks forward to meeting you all.  Patrick will be your contact for general queries, admissions, invoicing, feedback, ideas and suggestions about the club and how it is run. He will also concentrate on ongoing development and will lead the ongoing community engagement work. His email address is

Neesha Robinson - Deputy Manager: A Children's Ambassador for the Royal National Children’s Foundation (whose patron is HRH Princess Anne), Kids Camp Leader and Dance teacher Neesha will be our Deputy Manager and will be working every day in the afterschool club. Neesha will be your day-to-day contact, so she’s the one to talk to if your child isn't attending a booked session or needs an emergency session, and will have the CCC Club mobile phone (07437 499918).  Neesha will be starting on Monday 17th November.  Neesha’s email address is  Lucy will continue in her role of Play Worker.

You may notice a few changes in how we do things.  Please be patient with us as we work to make the club the best there is, and don't hesitate to feed back your family's experience of the club.  

BREAKFAST CLUB  - new entrance | new activities

Parents have told us it is easier to do kids drop off at the main entrance to the Telegraph Hill Centre (through the blue metal / glass doors) so this will be the entrance to use from now on. Please sign in at the table in the foyer before you bring your kids into the Narthex (large hall).  We will soon begin structured breakfast club activities between 8 and 8.30.  So please bring your child in early if you don’t want them to miss out!

AFTERSCHOOL CLUB - buzzer door | creative activities

Parents have been being great at dropping off and picking up from the buzzer door in the afternoon.  Thanks for that!


10 children from CCC Club went to the Freedom Academy's session on Wednesday, and all seemed to have great fun (banana!).  If you want more information or want to sign up or pay please contact Steve or Kat at Freedom Academy <>.  We are so excited about them being there on a Wednesday and have had great feedback from all the kids who went. We are just waiting to complete paperwork with Rosa, as soon as that is done we'll be sending out emails about piano lessons to those that showed an interest.  Rosa has said it will be tricky to do lessons if the child hasn't got a piano or keyboard to practise at home, so please bear that in mind when we contact you.


The Club will be holding the CCC Winter Party in December. There will be a performance from the CCCC Choir, a short show by the Freedom Academy kids, a chance to buy cards and other items designed by your children, plus mince pies, mulled wine and other festive fare.  More details soon!


We will be asking the club kids if they would like to fill a shoebox with some of their old toys to be sent (via an existing charity) to children whose families might not be able to afford to buy them Christmas presents.  We will ask the club kids to think about which charity they would like to donate to.  So, please hang on to any shoeboxes and be prepared to discuss with your kids which toys they might want to donate!  This is of course entirely optional.


We would like to remind parents that our staff can’t carry your children’s scooters at drop offs or pick ups from school, nor can we supervise your child riding on them. Any scooters brought to schools or to The CCC Club breakfast sessions will not be used.

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