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Dear parents and carers

Here are a few updates from the CCC Club:

As you know Lucy is no longer the manager of the CCC Club.  We are presently interviewing for a new manager and the directors have taken on over the management duties until a new manager is appointed. Lucy will be staying on as a playworker.  

In this interim period we have changed some of the systems outlined below:  


All parents must enter through the door with the buzzer by the garden, not through the double doors of the Telegraph Hill Centre.  This is the case for the breakfast club drop off and the afterschool club pick up.  We will then escort you through to the club where you can sign your child out. We will be asking staff to enforce this, so please understand if they cannot let you in through the front St Catherine's entrance.


We really want all the children to know our names so we'll be wearing name stickers and playing name games so they all know our names.  We'll hope you get to know us too!


We are finding the school pick up and drop off's at John Stainer can be quite manic, especially now the double gates are open but unsupervised.  From now on, all the children will be required to be in CCC bibs and standing with the CCC Club playworker in the ‘CCC HQ’ area until the school bell rings.  We have been trialling this week with all the children waiting in the amphitheatre section of John Stainer. This ‘CCC HQ’ area means your child will know where to be and you will know where to find us. Please can you explain this to your child(ren) as well so they understand the importance of this.  We understand that this can be frustrating for the kids as they'll want to play with their friends however we cannot allow children to play in the playground unsupervised.   

We are also talking to John Stainer about the blue gates which are currently often left open and unstaffed and will feedback any response, and we have initiated a ‘Children’s Council’ on this subject so we can seek CCC Club Kids’ thoughts and ideas on this subject.  


Rosa’s CCC Club Choir has got off to a good start, with one trial session run in the last fortnight. We will shortly let you know details of their first performance during the Christmas period.

A very large number of you requested Piano Lessons!  We are compiling the list of piano lessons and may have to only give the 4 places away for the first week or so until we can source another time slot for other piano lessons.  We are still working on arranging these additional lessons this so please bear with us.

We are also meeting with the Freedom Academy this week and they should be in touch soon about starting on the first Wednesday after half term.    

Kind regards

Cher, Dawn, Jake, Juliana, Kate and Suzanne

CCC Club Directors

Kate Faragher (one of the CCC Club Directors) has managed to source some amazing opportunities coming up after half term.  We will also have lists at the CCC Club for you to sign or drop us an email at

We have managed to secure a fabulous musical talent from our community, Rosa Pearce Hamilton.  Rosa plays a number of instruments and sings to grade 8.

CCCC CHOIR - Tuesday afterschool club.

Rosa is also going to trial a choir on a Tuesday.  All CCC Club children who attend on a Tuesday are invited to take part.

  • Times: 4.45 to 5.15/5.30
  • Duration:  half an hour to 45 minutes
  • Cost  FREE
  • Place:  CCC Club Room

PIANO LESSONS - Thursday afterschool club.

Rosa is going to trial delivering piano lessons for interested CCC Club kids.  We are getting all the paper work together and will start after half term on 5th November.  Rosa hasn't gone through a formal teaching qualification which is why she can keep the costs down. Rosa already teaches a number of local children and it highly regarded.  References available if needed.

There are currently only 4 places available which we'll allocate on a first come first served basis.  If all are taken we can possibly look into other days - please register your interest if your child doesn't come to CCC on Thursdays.

  • Times:  4.30; 5; 5.30; 6
  • Day;  Thursdays
  • Duration:  half an hour per session
  • Cost  £8.50 per session
  • Place:  in St Catherine's Church
  • Commitment:  weekly and to be paid in advance.

if your child is interested in music but this is too much money for your household, please do get in touch as we are hoping to start a bursary place as soon as we can allocate the funds.

PERFORMANCE ARTS - Wednesday 4.30 to 6pm after half term.

We are teaming up with the Freedom Academy who are an amazing drama group who do dance, singing and performance in an hour and a half for kids.  As well as having very similar values to The CCC Club, they have excellent links with the West End and have many kids performing on the West End stage and in Television productions.

The sessions are fun and energetic and at the session I went to, there were more boys than girls. They do fun warm up, games and dance; they learn a song they will perform at a later date and they do some acting games and maybe a scene or two.   The teachers are dynamic, enthusiastic and fun.  The sessions will lead to a performance at Christmas.

Cost is £10 per session on top of the club fees. Again bursaries will be looked at for the future.

Please let us know if you are interested.  These sessions will not be limited to CCC Club members so your children can come, even if they don't go to the CCC Club that day.  CCC Club children will get the first opportunity to sign up.

We anticipate a lot of interest in these sessions so please do get back to us as soon as possible.  We will take your name and email once you've shown an interest and keep you informed of costs; timing and information. We suggest if you may be interested to sign up - there's no obligation at this point.

  • Times: 4.30 to 6pm
  • Duration:  90 minutes
  • Cost  £10
  • Place:  Narthex - big hall next to the CCC Club.
  • Commitment:  weekly and to be paid on the day

Start date:  5th November

The Freedom Academy and the CCC Club are committed to keeping costs as low as possible, while paying teachers a reasonable rate.