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We have now heard from OFSTED, and they are processing our application.

Breakfast Club
The Breakfast club is getting more and more interest, but we still expect to have spaces available.  Check out our latest flyer.

Opening Date
We hope to open the CCC Club on 22nd April 2014 in order to be able to provide Breakfast and After-School care for the whole summer term.  We will confirm this date as soon as possible.

Registration Process
As soon as we have OFSTED approval, we will let you know about the process for submitting formal applications for places at the CCC Club and the 'Registration Date’ - the date / time after which we will accept applications.

Registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis, though we will ensure that all three supported schools are included. You will need to fill in the application form electronically (or scan a handwritten version) and then email it to us only on the specific registration date.

We have had job applications from some fantastic-sounding people with a great range of creative and childcare experience!  We are interviewing them over the next few weeks.  But it’s not too late if you know of anyone who you think should apply to join the CCC Club Team.

Room Refit
The Telegraph Hill Centre have completed the basic redecoration of the CCC Club Space.  When this is complete, the CCC Club will begin the next stage of fitting out the room and making it a lovely place for the CCC Club kids.

Work Weekend
On 29th and 30th March we will be running a Work Weekend, where we are asking for volunteers to help us with some painting, putting up of shelves, garden tidying and various other small but vital jobs.  If you’d like to take part - even if only for a hour - please let us know. BBQ food and refreshments will be provided by the CCC Club.

Supplies and Equipment
We have started sourcing the kit and supplies for the CCC Club kids, but there are still plenty of things we need.  We will be in contact once we have finalised this list to see if you have anything you could donate.

Donations and Sponsorship
If you know of any local businesses who might want to support the CCC Club by contributing equipment or supplies, or by making a donation, please contact us at


Jake, Dawn, Suzanne, Kate, Juliana and Cher

The CCC Club Team