We are local parents who wanted to create an amazing place in which our – and other – children can grow, develop, learn and create as part of the community, both during term time and school holidays

We were aware of a substantial level of demand for such an offering: there is insufficient provision of breakfast club and after-school club services in the local area, as demonstrated by waiting lists of up to four years at some local schools, and parents removing their children from other providers’ clubs due to the uninspiring and poor level of care experienced.

We decided to stop complaining about it to each other. We decided to do something about it together.

We are a Community Interest Company because we are a social enterprise. Any profits will be used to reinvest in the after-school club. No directors will receive dividends.

Staff and Surroundings

Our staff embody professionalism, kindness, fairness and creativity and engage and connect with the local community. We have designed, decorated and furnished the club space to a professional standard. We try to build positive connections with other childcare providers – schools, activity clubs, nurseries – with the aim of creating a collaborative network and providing integrated care across all the providers, for the benefit of children and parents.

Our OFSTED number is EY477606

CCC Club Opening Soon Flyer

Breakfast Club Flyer



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