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Dear all

My fellow directors and I wanted to share with you some news regarding the management of The CCC Club.

Over the last months, Patrick has done a great job as our executive manager.  However, both Patrick and the directors have come to the conclusion that the manager’s workload cannot be delivered in the two days per week that Patrick was able to offer.  

In light of this, we have appointed Cher Moore – one of the club directors – in to a three-hours-a-day, 5-day a week position as manager, which she will continue to do until she can recruit a replacement who can work the same hours and offer a suitably high standard of experience and passion.  Cher should be your primary day-to-day point of contact from now on or on 07437 499918 (we are having a landline installed - number to follow)

We are immensely grateful to Patrick for the time he has spent with us, especially the above-the-call-of-duty hands-on support that he has provided to our staff and the club kids.  We hope that he can continue to be part of the club’s extended family of local, committed, caring people.

We thought we’d let Cher introduce herself:

I supported the set up and managed the successful Oakhill Community Day Nursery in Brockley. Having worked directly with children for many years, I understood the challenges staff members faced. I revelled in supporting and training the staff team, empowering them to make decisions and embrace change.

I was extremely dedicated in making sure that the nursery was built around community. I devoted my time into parent-partnership ensuring that each family felt included (the renowned Oakbloke dads group I initiated are still meeting up regularly today).  

My recognition came when I won Lewisham Council’s ‘Manager of the Year’ award after my first year as manager of the nursery. I am qualified in the Management of Quality Standards in Children's Services and have a First Class Honors Degree in Education.

I look forward to meeting you all and getting to better know your kids, and to continue the good work of the CCC Club and make it even better!  And please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions, thoughts or ideas.’

You’ll hear more from Cher soon in our newsletter.

Kind Regards

Jake, Dawn, Kate, Juliana, Cher and Suzanne

Directors, The Children’s Creative Community Club Limited


Children’s Council

Neesha and the team have been busy organising a group of children  to represent the views of the club members. It is an open forum, designed not only to resolve grievances but also to put forward ideas to the panel, staff and directors, whether it is activities or food being the item for discussion.

The delegated council members are: Rosie, Blessing, Baabaa, Andre, Isabel, Yuna, Luna, Mae and Megan.

We are looking to set up a second children’s council to ensure as many children have a chance to participate as possible. At the first meeting, children asked to be able to feedback their ideas anonymously.  This will be in the form of a suggestion box and should give every child the opportunity to be a part of the decision making.

Choir and piano

Rosa  will start working with the children at the club on Tuesday 27th January after she returns from Germany and will offer the children the opportunity to be part of the CCC choir.

Rosa is also keen to start piano lessons  on an individual basis so we have asked Rosa to concentrate  on the choir and we will let you know as soon as the piano lesson details have been finalised.

Volunteers required

Work is planned to make the garden behind our club into a wonderful community space that will enrich not just the children’s experience but hopefully everyone that can be enticed by barbecues, mini shows and other community events. We will ask staff and children for input into how they use the space so that this can be factored into the plans for the garden.

To prepare the area, we will arrange a Saturday and/or Sunday volunteer event in February where we can all muck in to clear the metal container and prepare  for seeding/planting. Ella from Grow Wild will be leading the project and we will need as many people as possible to help. Further details will be sent via email as soon as we know dates.

As you know, we are extremely keen to involve parents, grandparents and as many members of the  community as possible and would welcome volunteers that could help with school drop-offs between 8.30 and 9am, or pick-ups between 3pm and 3.45pm. If you are interested, please email and we would be glad to hear from you.


We are extremely sad to be bidding farewell to Lucy, and her daughter Eva, as she is leaving us on Friday 30th January. During her time as a the Manager/Play worker she has shown herself to be a thoughtful, caring professional, a supportive colleague and a wonderful ambassador for the club. Lucy will continue to work within childcare so it is good to know that she has not been lost to the sector and we wish her the very best of luck in the future

Children’s Section – Why do you like the CCC Club?

Neesha, Lucy, Elise and Evie have been putting on some great activities during the after school club so it’s no wonder we have heard the following comments:

“I like the CCC Club because it’s not just one age its different ages so it gives younger children a chance to play with the older children. – Rosie”

“I love doing art at the CCC Club” – Mae

“I love drawing” – Yuna

“I like the CCC Club because I like reading” – Megan

“Show me the paint” - Anonymous

We would also like to include some photos of the children within our more detailed newsletters at the end of the month so please do let us know if you would prefer that your child(ren) are not included within published photos by emailing

Forthcoming newsletters

If you have any news, items or information that you would like us to include in the future, please email as we will be  sending updates regularly.


Hello all!

We have two new team members:

Patrick Walsh - Executive Manager: Cub Scout Volunteer, Ex British Kick Boxing Champion, football coach and one-time Red Coat, will be starting this week as our Executive Manager.  He will be working mainly Thursdays and Fridays, and looks forward to meeting you all.  Patrick will be your contact for general queries, admissions, invoicing, feedback, ideas and suggestions about the club and how it is run. He will also concentrate on ongoing development and will lead the ongoing community engagement work. His email address is

Neesha Robinson - Deputy Manager: A Children's Ambassador for the Royal National Children’s Foundation (whose patron is HRH Princess Anne), Kids Camp Leader and Dance teacher Neesha will be our Deputy Manager and will be working every day in the afterschool club. Neesha will be your day-to-day contact, so she’s the one to talk to if your child isn't attending a booked session or needs an emergency session, and will have the CCC Club mobile phone (07437 499918).  Neesha will be starting on Monday 17th November.  Neesha’s email address is  Lucy will continue in her role of Play Worker.

You may notice a few changes in how we do things.  Please be patient with us as we work to make the club the best there is, and don't hesitate to feed back your family's experience of the club.  

BREAKFAST CLUB  - new entrance | new activities

Parents have told us it is easier to do kids drop off at the main entrance to the Telegraph Hill Centre (through the blue metal / glass doors) so this will be the entrance to use from now on. Please sign in at the table in the foyer before you bring your kids into the Narthex (large hall).  We will soon begin structured breakfast club activities between 8 and 8.30.  So please bring your child in early if you don’t want them to miss out!

AFTERSCHOOL CLUB - buzzer door | creative activities

Parents have been being great at dropping off and picking up from the buzzer door in the afternoon.  Thanks for that!


10 children from CCC Club went to the Freedom Academy's session on Wednesday, and all seemed to have great fun (banana!).  If you want more information or want to sign up or pay please contact Steve or Kat at Freedom Academy <>.  We are so excited about them being there on a Wednesday and have had great feedback from all the kids who went. We are just waiting to complete paperwork with Rosa, as soon as that is done we'll be sending out emails about piano lessons to those that showed an interest.  Rosa has said it will be tricky to do lessons if the child hasn't got a piano or keyboard to practise at home, so please bear that in mind when we contact you.


The Club will be holding the CCC Winter Party in December. There will be a performance from the CCCC Choir, a short show by the Freedom Academy kids, a chance to buy cards and other items designed by your children, plus mince pies, mulled wine and other festive fare.  More details soon!


We will be asking the club kids if they would like to fill a shoebox with some of their old toys to be sent (via an existing charity) to children whose families might not be able to afford to buy them Christmas presents.  We will ask the club kids to think about which charity they would like to donate to.  So, please hang on to any shoeboxes and be prepared to discuss with your kids which toys they might want to donate!  This is of course entirely optional.


We would like to remind parents that our staff can’t carry your children’s scooters at drop offs or pick ups from school, nor can we supervise your child riding on them. Any scooters brought to schools or to The CCC Club breakfast sessions will not be used.

Jake Berger

+447931 590 409

skype: bergerjake


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Jake Berger

Director, The Children’s Creative Community Club Limited

+447931 590 409


Dear parents and carers

Here are a few updates from the CCC Club:

As you know Lucy is no longer the manager of the CCC Club.  We are presently interviewing for a new manager and the directors have taken on over the management duties until a new manager is appointed. Lucy will be staying on as a playworker.  

In this interim period we have changed some of the systems outlined below:  


All parents must enter through the door with the buzzer by the garden, not through the double doors of the Telegraph Hill Centre.  This is the case for the breakfast club drop off and the afterschool club pick up.  We will then escort you through to the club where you can sign your child out. We will be asking staff to enforce this, so please understand if they cannot let you in through the front St Catherine's entrance.


We really want all the children to know our names so we'll be wearing name stickers and playing name games so they all know our names.  We'll hope you get to know us too!


We are finding the school pick up and drop off's at John Stainer can be quite manic, especially now the double gates are open but unsupervised.  From now on, all the children will be required to be in CCC bibs and standing with the CCC Club playworker in the ‘CCC HQ’ area until the school bell rings.  We have been trialling this week with all the children waiting in the amphitheatre section of John Stainer. This ‘CCC HQ’ area means your child will know where to be and you will know where to find us. Please can you explain this to your child(ren) as well so they understand the importance of this.  We understand that this can be frustrating for the kids as they'll want to play with their friends however we cannot allow children to play in the playground unsupervised.   

We are also talking to John Stainer about the blue gates which are currently often left open and unstaffed and will feedback any response, and we have initiated a ‘Children’s Council’ on this subject so we can seek CCC Club Kids’ thoughts and ideas on this subject.  


Rosa’s CCC Club Choir has got off to a good start, with one trial session run in the last fortnight. We will shortly let you know details of their first performance during the Christmas period.

A very large number of you requested Piano Lessons!  We are compiling the list of piano lessons and may have to only give the 4 places away for the first week or so until we can source another time slot for other piano lessons.  We are still working on arranging these additional lessons this so please bear with us.

We are also meeting with the Freedom Academy this week and they should be in touch soon about starting on the first Wednesday after half term.    

Kind regards

Cher, Dawn, Jake, Juliana, Kate and Suzanne

CCC Club Directors